Representatives of the best universities in the country will attend the conference on technology in education
On October 01-02, the 6th Global Conference on Education Technologies - EDCRUNCH will be held at the World Trade Center.

Educators, teachers, rectors of the best educational institutions of the country will meet here to discuss pressing issues of education. How to make money on distance learning and cash in the content? How to influence student performance, minimize costs, increase university recognition? The conference participants will share opinions on how to solve these problems.
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Distance education
is already here
How and why to introduce online education
is still the main issue on the university agenda.
Producing content for massive open online courses is expensive.
Network contracts only partially cover production costs.
Developing your LMS or implementing existing services for developing in-house distance learning courses also raises many questions.
Introduction and promotion of online education is a complex and heterogeneous process.
Come to EDCRUNCH conference for:
Understand the technological intricacies of the process.
Learn about the best practices for implementing online courses.
Find partners to produce and distribute your content.
Digital Service
is a Source of Income
Online education has become widespread. How can universities make money when there are experts everywhere? How to introduce peer-to-peer education, how to launch compact specialized courses into the market are the issues we shall address at EDCRUNCH conference. We will help you find new models and growth points that have become feasible thanks to digital technology.
Your training programs are needed all over the world. Russian education is the new oil, online education is a great opportunity to export unique Russian practices.
and Emerging Markets
Digital technologies open up opportunities for educational programmes to enter the world market.
How to place my online courses on global online platforms?
How to attract applicants from other countries to distance learning?
How to support the development of online teaching?
The conference agenda will reveal the benefits of
using digital technology for the university
Continuing Education and Career Enhancement for the Faculty
Language and distance are no longer barriers. Today, digital technology allows educators from all over the world to research and apply the best educational practices. Teachers reveal their potential and students demonstrate dramatic growth in academic performance.
Learning Analytics
Digital services help to compile student profiles, collect and analyze data on each student’s performance, develop teaching methods, focus on at-risk students and even evaluate how well students master the learning material.
Digital University
It is high time for universities to change their management systems and move to more flexible models. Learning Management system will help reduce the routine workload of the teacher and free more time for developing new skills and acquiring knowledge.
Adaptive Learning
Imagine teachable learning materials, resources being capable of studying just like people. They “understand” what a student wants and how to teach him. And it’s not the students who need to adapt to the programme, but it is the programme that adapts to the work of each student, his individual rhythm and level, predicts what materials and resources he needs to achieve progress at a certain point in time.
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality provides contextual learning experiences to help you explore real-world data in a virtual environment. This technology is necessary for universities as it can lead to outstanding educational results helping students to better understand complex scientific phenomena thanks to easy access to data indispensable for learning.
Digital Assistants
Today, universities create digital assistants, i.e. applications that make life easier for students and teachers. Those apps allow quick access to schedules, queues in the library, campus life or the costs of printing something. Some digital assistants act as “trainers”, they ask how the lectures are held, help to cope with difficulties in studying and select teachers in certain subjects.
You will find answers to questions about new development opportunities for universities
Network contracts:
How to implement joint projects and make money quickly?
Interdisciplinary education:
How to control students’ collaboration?
Infrastructure changes:
What do the new forms of teaching influence on and do they require infrastructural changes in university?
Blended learning:
What are the risks of low-cost tuition and flexibility?
Competition with non-formal education:
How to seize a market share from non-formal educational facilities?
The full program consists of more than 100 topics.
In two days of the conference, you will get acquainted with advanced technological practices and methods of their implementation.
This is
The number of speakers is growing up year by year, the programme is getting more vibrant and action-packed, the business footprint is wider.
EDCRUNCH is a big event in education that sets the agenda for tomorrow outlining how we will learn in the nearest future.
Mikhail Kotyukov
the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
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Experts from all over the world
will share their insights
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Really Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plikers and hundreds of other organizations are setting the agenda in world education.
Barbara Oakley
Author of the world's most popular online course "Learn how to learn" with more than 2.5 million students, prominent scientist in neuroscience, Professor of Engineering at Oakland University, linguist, translator of Russian language
Ben Nelson
Founder and CEO at Minerva Project
Wang Shuaiguo
Chief Operating Officer at XuetangX
Dale Johnson
Adaptive program manager at Arizona State University
Jared Stein
VP of Higher Education Strategy at Canvas by Instructure
John O'Brien
President and CEO of EDUCAUSE
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EDCRUNCH WORKSHOP features 18 sessions on September 29 and 30.

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