On October 1 and 2, representatives of the educational market will meet at EDCRUNCH conference
EDCRUNCH is for those who know how to implement advanced technologies in the learning process. The conference will bring together parents, teachers, headmasters, representatives of education departments and business entities to answer current questions. How to integrate technological achievements into modern schools? What is needed for an effective individual approach to each student? What qualities do teachers of the 21st century need?
Digital school, digital environment and digital generation.
What does the 21st century school look like?
School is no longer a closed institution, it is becoming a decentralised system capable of shaping educational paths and meeting the individual needs of each student.
School is relying not only on its resources, but also on existing solutions: technologies allow for the integration of external teaching materials, applications, and opportunities for additional education into the school curriculum.
Schools are sources of big data. Modern technologies of diagnostics and analytics make it possible to reveal the potential of the collected data and use it for personalization of education and boosting the results of each student individually.
Today, every student can find information on any topic on the Internet, study with educational online platforms, visit virtual museums and use open library archives. The only thing the teacher needs to do now is to teach students how to learn, i.e. to develop a systematic approach to searching, learning, and processing information.
the role and place of digital technology
in a modern school.
Use technologies that allow demonstrating knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways, and let students reflect on and improve the learning process through practical results.
Set professional goals — the application of new teaching methods via extensive use of digital technologies, as well as the assessment of their effectiveness. They are constantly searching for new solutions and methods to achieve better educational results.
Leaders & policy-makers
Manage the process of developing a common vision among teachers on how to integrate technology into the learning processes and how to implement effective changes within the organization.
The edcrunch conference program will show how to move beyond rhetoric and
Finally walk the walk in the use of digital technologies
Augmented and virtual reality
Nowadays, virtual and augmented realities can submerge a user into completely new worlds. Why not plug them into education as well?
Voice assistants
How would the exams go if students had a personal voice assistant to help them measure their academic readiness during training? A student would be able to assess how much time they need to learn a particular topic and what subjects need to be revised. This data can be used to create a system of recommendations for navigating open educational resources that can be adapted to the needs of each student.
Digital tools
Today a teacher has a variety of free digital tools at his or her disposal. There are applications that allow conducting surveys in the entire classroom almost instantly via one smartphone only. Skype and Google Expeditions are tools that will help to connect knowledge with the real world without leaving school. Minecraft game allows you to tell about global warming, the history of ancient Chinese dynasties, the formulae of the angle coefficient in algebra and thousands of other topics. Education innovators know that in the 21st century everything has to be done in a new way and that they have to use all the capacities of digital technology to work in the classroom.
Online platforms and interactive content
Every year, students are increasingly using online educational platforms in the learning process, both at school and at home. Online and blended learning is becoming more common and accessible. Advanced educators are looking for ways to deliver material in an exciting way. Thus, online platforms with interactive content could meet their demands.
Artificial Intelligence
More and more modern companies are looking towards artificial intelligence capacities. It can help teachers, accelerate the educational process and make it more efficient, open the «black box» and show how children actually learn in terms of psychology and social process. Artificial Intelligence is able to recognize speech, answer questions, give recommendations, track progress in real-time and even analyze emotions.
over the 2 days at edcrunch conferences, the participants will save months of searching and learning best educational practices
Advanced technology
Find and explore useful solutions, applied tools and innovations from leading developers in digital technologies at EDCRUNCH EXPO VILLAGE.
New knowledge
The latest research, global trends in education and hands-on experience of implementing innovations in schools will be presented by international and Russian experts.
Hot Networking
EDCRUNCH is uniting educators, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, heads of educational establishments of higher, secondary and supplementary education, investors and all others deeply interested in the best future of education.
This is
The number of speakers is growing up year by year, the programme is getting more vibrant and action-packed, the business footprint is wider.
Watch the conference video
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284 спикера со всего мира
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Really Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plickers и ещё сотни организаций, задающих повестку в мировом образовании.
Barbara Oakley
Author of the world's most popular online course "Learn how to learn" with more than 2.5 million students, prominent scientist in neuroscience, Professor of Engineering at Oakland University, linguist, translator of Russian language
Charles Fadel
Founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, Author of "Four-Dimensional Education"
Pasi Sahlberg
internationally recognized author of the Finnish education system, author of bestselling book Finnish Lessons 2.0, Professor at Harvard University and at University of New South Wales in Sydney
Nolan Amy
Founder and CEO of Plickers
Willy Wijnands
Founder of eduScrum and co-founder of the worldwide initiative «Agile in Education»
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