We welcome parents
to a global conference
on educational technologies
On October 01-02, the World Trade Centre will host the 6th Conference on Educational Technologies EdCrunch 2019.

At the conference, you will get workable solutions on how to transform your kid’s gadgets from a toy into an accelerator of their capabilities. How to raise a child who is growing in the era of free access to information? How should a modern educational team made of kindergarten, school, university, and parents look like?
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Children of the digital era –
who are they?
69% of parents limit the time their children spend toying with gadgets, which is understandable. Childhood was totally different 20 years ago with kids playing football in the yard, grazing their knees, walking around and being curious about the outside world.
Today, children shoot Tik-Tok videos, watch Twitch streams, play Minecraft with friends. Telegram has taken over oral communication. Google has more authority than parents.
Technology has changed children. But there is some good news – a smart parent adapts and turns the digital world into a major ally in the struggle for the bright future of the child.
How do gadgets affect children's abilities? What features of portable devices are seriously underestimated by parents? How can modern gadgets help to unleash the full potential of a child?
Cyber children:
thinking in a new way
EDCRUNCH 2019 features speakers who are successfully working with modern children. They will talk about the intricacies of preschoolers’ perception.
Emotional intelligence
On the one hand, children have virtually excluded verbal communication and switched to text. On the other, Emoji, stickers and gifs are becoming a universal language of emotions, and a great amount of video content teaches emotional mapping.
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    How to communicate with such children?
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    Why are parents even more important today than ever before?
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    How to prepare a child for socialization and develop their soft-skills?
Meta thinking
Due to a huge influx of incoming information and the need for fast switching among all the data inflows, children have learnt to instantly connect objects with one another and find complex meta-connections. And this is not the only effect of information overload.
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    What do the learning materials for children with meta-thinking look like?
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    Why is it important to reform learning methods?
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    How to teach a child to keep their attention?
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Children set the lead
for reshaping education
These theses might surely impress parents, but professionals are fully aware of the peculiarities of the new generation of children. Over the past two decades, experts have been introducing technological practices into educational processes.
At the conference, parents will meet the representatives of advanced American, European and Russian kindergartens, schools, and universities. This will help navigate in the world of technology and new educational solutions that are fit specifically for your child.
You will learn…
About communication with educational entities
How to build a team made of a parent, a child and an educational establishment
About the educational collaboration among children
What is a safe way to find a "workmate" for your child
About bilingual education
How to learn in several languages
Experts from all over the world
will share their insights
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Really Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plikers and hundreds of other organizations are setting the agenda in world education.
Psychologist, specialist in family and child-parent relations
Jordan Shapiro
Nonresident fellow in the Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution
Elena Bryzgalina
Head of Departament of Philosophy of Education, Department of Philosophy, Moscow State University of Lomonosov
Tutta Larsen
TV and Radio Presenter, Author of Subjective TV Channel TUTTA.TV
Helen Doron
CEO and Founder Helen Doron, Israel
Erin Clabough
Professor of Child Psychology at the University of Virginia, distinguished neuroscientist, author of bestseller "Second Nature: How Parents Can Use Neuroscience to Help Kids Develop Empathy, Creativity and Self-Contro"
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Спикеры расскажут,
как новые технологии оказались под рукой современных детских садов, школ и университетов
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