A few simple steps to find a competitive edge for your kindergarten.
On October 01 - 02, come to EDCRUNCH 2019 Conference about technologies in education.

Immerse in modern techniques and technologies for preschool organizations. Find a unique value for children and their parents. Strike deals with providers and integrators of innovative educational solutions.
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What is
Every year we bring together experts in education from around the world to present cutting-edge expertise and discuss the future of teaching and learning.
We speak about the effective use of technology in developing and training of preschoolers and demonstrate advanced practices.
We share examples and results of implementing new pedagogical approaches, techniques, and teaching methods in a preschool educational institution.
We demonstrate top-notch educational and development solutions for preschool children.
6 000
speakers from 13 countries
20 000
participants of online broadcasts
educational startups at EDCRUNCH EXPO VILLAGE
Do we need any new educational technologies
in preschool organizations?
The birthrate is falling but the number of kindergartens remains almost unchanged. Nevertheless, the private sector featuring commercial preschool organizations and personalized assistance is steadily growing.

Competition for preschoolers is getting fierce. There are more and more demands from parents and the state.
Children have changed their behavioural patterns and habits. In such circumstances, it is incredibly difficult to stay on track.
Number of kindergartens
New educational methods and technologies —
a modern and efficient solution
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Interactive whiteboards no longer surprise anyone. Show your child the universe, accompany him to the most remote corners of the space using virtual reality glasses. Get them interested by showing the whole world via augmented reality.
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Personalized Education
All children are different! The digital revolution and globalization resulted in a new trend – personalization. In the modern world, an educational system should help every child achieve the maximum level of intellectual development congruently to their personal abilities and preferences. We must make personalization not just a trend, but a reality of the modern education system.
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Engaged Interaction with Parents
To achieve better results, you need a close-knit team of parents and educational institutions. It is important to research and develop new forms of interaction between those entities. Modern technologies can more dynamically engage parents in the process of raising and developing a child, as well as ensure openness and transparency of how educational institutions work.
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Toys 2.0
Each toy can perform thousands of functions. Some will help a child to develop fine motor skills, others will teach how to articulate emotions, and others will help to socialize. Modern hi-tech toys will make a great contribution to a child’s well-being.
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Mobile and Computer Games
Psychologist Walter Mischel proved that computer games help four-year-old children develop attention, make more rational decisions and, in general, effectively develop logical and mathematical abilities.
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Advanced analytics
When working with preschoolers, it is important to monitor all the peculiarities of mental and physical development, so that should any violations and deviations occur, an appropriate correction could be made. Modern data analysis systems are able to assess children’s concentration, their social activity, the number of words that they use. With their help, it is easy to find out how quickly kids learn new things and transfers their knowledge, whether they look at the teacher during classes etc. The data allows us to quickly respond and use any required pedagogical and psychological tools in educating any given child.
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Security and Cyber ​​Children
Modern children are surrounded by gadgets from birth.
They begin to learn the world much earlier than we expect.
Come to EDCRUNCH 2019 to get ready for cyber children and their parents.
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Questions that concern parents:
Will a kindergarten cope with upbringing the digital generation?
Will children be taught to navigate the digital space?
Will a kindergarten help make submerging into the digital world safe?
Experts from all over the world
will share their insights
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Really Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plikers and hundreds of other organizations are setting the agenda in world education.
Psychologist, specialist in family and child-parent relations
Jordan Shapiro
Nonresident fellow in the Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution
Elena Bryzgalina
Head of Departament of Philosophy of Education, Department of Philosophy, Moscow State University of Lomonosov
Tutta Larsen
TV and Radio Presenter, Author of Subjective TV Channel TUTTA.TV
Helen Doron
CEO and Founder Helen Doron, Israel
Erin Clabough
Professor of Child Psychology at the University of Virginia, distinguished neuroscientist, author of bestseller "Second Nature: How Parents Can Use Neuroscience to Help Kids Develop Empathy, Creativity and Self-Contro"
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This is
The number of speakers is growing up year by year, the programme is getting more vibrant and action-packed, the business footprint is wider.
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