On October 01-02, HR experts
will meet at EDCRUNCH conference on new technologies
EDCRUNCH is a platform aggregating the most advanced and effective HR technologies for staff training.

The conference is perfectly geared for HR specialists, founders of educational start-ups, providers, analysts, investors, representatives of major corporations, and other experts dealing in personnel management.
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How to be one step ahead of the competition?
Discover Successful HR-TECH Practices
Why have headhunting and staff development become most pressing and challenging for companies in a rapidly changing industry landscape?
Competition for talent.
The need to retain the best employees in an increasingly saturated labour market.
The need to bridge the rapidly widening gap between the skills and expertise of employees.
By 2020, the requirements for basic working skills in current jobs will have changed by 35%.
The workplace might remain, but 1/3 of what you do today will have been drastically transformed by 2020.
Come to EDCRUNCH 2019 Conference.
The program features only hot topics of the Russian market, cases, analytics, and forecasts
Trends in HR-TECH
Over the past few years, the recruitment industry has undergone dramatic changes. Tech keeps on evolving and challenging us every day. Get ready to play by the new rules, learn about new HR-TECH trends in Russia and the world.
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Process Automation
New tools and services make it possible to automate many key HR-processes today, be it recruitment, compensation and promotion systems, internal and external communications, or holistic development of employee’s potential. We will consider successful cases from HR specialists of Russian and international companies.
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All people have a basic need to learn but after a certain stage, the process becomes boring. People must have some context, emotions or a story in order to get engaged in any activity in earnest. Employing gamification for involving and motivating employees affects all these aspects: a game captivates, becomes a reason and a means of communication and allows us not only to tell a story but also to live it. Besides, gamified learning systems enable companies to stimulate even the laziest students by turning life into a fun gamble with all those badges, winning points, and leaderboards.
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HR Analytics
Over the past few years, data has become crucial. Using analytics, companies can calculate the risks of job sheds and take timely measures to retain employees, identify changes in their work that can lead to high performance, and recommend ad hoc training for employees to close skills gaps. However, the reliability of the forecasts made by analytical models completely hinges upon the data used. Also, organizations will need specialists to interpret these models and apply them efficiently.
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Talent Management
The issue of staff development and training has acquired a huge momentum. Employee’s training is becoming digital and the tech is revolutionizing the way you dive into training using AI and AR / VR solutions. Moving away from the key competencies, companies are also interested in developing soft skills of their employees, such as emotional intelligence, their ability to cooperate and negotiate etc.
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Successful cases of deploying HR-technologies and their effective embedding into existing business processes.
Combining work and training
Learning by doing, or learning how to learn on the job.
Adaptive learning
Using adaptive systems for more efficient and personalized learning.
Behavioral design
Implementation of tools for assessing attention, behaviour and efficiency when interacting with training systems.
Continuous learning
Continuous training and implementing innovative approaches in employee retraining.
New opportunities to meet emotional, physical, financial, and professional demands of employees.
EDCRUNCH EXPO will present workable solutions,
application tools, and new products from leading developers in HR-TECH
Get Ahead of the Market – Deploy Technology
In addition to networking, conference visitors will enjoy the reports and presentations of speakers from around the world. Learn how to implement AI, Big Data, VR / AR, blockchain, neural networks, computer vision to improve the quality of education.
There will be special theme sectors where leading developers will present IT tools for HR professionals:
Digital assistants and helpers
Artificial intelligence and chatbots
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Experts from all over the world
will share their insights
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Really Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plikers and hundreds of other organizations are setting the agenda in world education.
Matthias Reuter
Global Head of Siemens Leadership Excellence, USA
Tim O’Reilly
Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Tom Haak
Director of the HR Trend Institute
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This is
The number of speakers is growing up year by year, the programme is getting more vibrant and action-packed, the business footprint is wider.
I am glad to be in Moscow and participate in EDCRUNCH. This place is full of phenomenal energy and passion. I think EDCRUNCH has become a leading educational conference in Moscow and Russia.
Anant Agarwal
Founder of EdX platform
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What is a workshop?
A EDCRUNCH WORKSHOP is a hands-on training session where the participants are dealing with highly practical issues together with experts in Russian and foreign education.

EDCRUNCH WORKSHOP features 18 sessions on September 29 and 30.

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