Major event
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for parents and experts
Come to EDCRUNCH 2019 Conference October 01-02 and learn
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The event is aimed at parents who want to unleash their kids’ potential, as well as representatives of kindergartens, schools, and universities which wish to be close to their customers. It is also suitable for corporations which prefer development than hunting.

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Welcome to the summit
of educational technologies
We introduce all participants of the educational process, present the innovative expertise, and make education the most technologically advanced sphere of life.
Pre-school years are crucial for the development of emotional intelligence and social skills, especially in the era of non-verbal digital communication. How can we prepare parents, get the most benefits from gadgets, and make kindergartens the accelerators of talent?
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Do you develop educational products? At the conference, you will get better acquainted with your existing customers and secure potential ones. You will learn their true wants and wishes, make your business ideally customized to customer expectations. You might strike a couple of deals as well.
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Wish to sell your lectures or tutorials in Africa and Asia? Or do you hanker about minimizing the routine job for your professors and giving them freedom of creation? Maybe you wish to see a long line of applicants eager to study at your university? This is no rocket science! It is much easier, cheaper, and faster than you might have thought.
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Kids are up to the hub in their gadgets, they are «dab hands» in web. It gets scary sometimes. At the conference, parents will learn how to harness those wild digital technologies and set them on the right track of unleashing kids’ full potential.
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gymnasiums, lyceums
Augmented or virtual reality in the lessons increases the retention of learning material by 72%. In addition, it is cheaper to equip the classroom with top-notch devices than to purchase foam cups for the canteen. Do you want some more surprising stats about schooling?
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The labour market — has thousands of young and budding talents for whom the quality of corporate training often becomes the main factor tipping the balance when choosing an employer. How to attract them? How to grow growing experts in-house and stop hoovering the market?
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This is
EdCrunch №6
The number of speakers is growing up year by year, the programme is getting more vibrant and action-packed, the business footprint is wider.
254 speakers from all over the world
will share their insights
Microsoft, Harvard, Minerva, O’Reilly Media, EDUCAUSE, Canvas, Plickers and hundreds of other organizations are setting the agenda in world education.
Pasi Sahlberg
Professor of education policy at the Gonski Institute for Education, University of New South Wales in Sydney
Barbara Oakley
Professor of Engineering at Oakland University
Ben Nelson
Founder and CEO at Minerva Project
Tim O’Reilly
Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Charles Fadel
Founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign at Harvard's Graduate School of Education
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A marathon instead of a sprint
Digital services have made education a hobby for millions of people. They get knowledge every day, all life long, without any proms or exams. Education is like jogging in the morning:  it is about your personal goals, getting practical benefits, and just deriving pleasure.
Decentralizing education
Flexible educational systems are ousting traditional ones. There have emerged companies who are building online collaborations and help students from different universities and countries study together. How should teachers, parents, and states deal with this situation?
Knowledge is getting out of control
Schools and universities have lost monopoly over the dissemination of knowledge. Each person online is merely seconds away from world knowledge. Can we build sustainable system processes or shall education become an uncontrolled phenomenon, like an avalanche, in years to come?
Individual textbooks
Personalized approach to learning is the hype. One student might be a visual learner, whereas another is an auditory one. Some need abstract examples, others are lost in generalizations and call for purely specific stuff. Artificial intelligence can teach every student as if he or she were the only learner on earth.
Virtual reality
Why would you explain the evolution theory using only words, pictures or videos  when you could teleport your students million years back? If you still think virtual reality is  exuberantly expensive, let us prove you wrong, we’ll tell you how to implement it in the learning process just with the help of some cardboard, glue, and scissors.
What will take over an exam?
How can we understand what a student really knows or is able to do? How to evaluate without bias? Do we need exams or diplomas? What would employers do if evaluation system disappears tomorrow? What does computer vision have to do with it?
Designer babies
There already exist the first children with edited DNA. The visionaries predict the mainstreamification of the design of future kids, from eye-colour to intelligence. What will happen with education?
Polylingual education
Studying several languages simultaneously is a great stress factor for a kid, but only if the teaching department has failed to implement innovative practices. Which ones?
The 2020s kid
Children consume YouTube and Twitch content through broadcasting and vlogs. Can we use those for  educational purposes? Is a teacher able to able to impart knowledge using modern means of communication?
Assessing the efficiency of education
What does a customer want in corporate education? How to measure the efficiency of  training or online classes? Can we calculate ROI with accuracy to 5%?
Developing and training HR-leads
What should they know about their company and how deep should their involvement be in all business processes?
Investment in EdTech
What do investors want? Can a Russian startup penetrate the world educational market? What are the perspectives of the Russian market? Is there enough capacity and investment appeal?
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